It Must Be Spring, Because Rihanna Forgot To Button Her Shirt! (PHOTO)

Rihanna steps out in NYC.

I think you forgot a few buttons there, Rihanna. Wait. Why am I surprised?

As y'all are well aware, we are NO stranger to seeing Rihanna's leading role in "50 Shades Of Naked." She's naked on social media, naked in magazines, naked before playing a "Diamonds World Tour" show, naked in shoes, and when it's cold outside, she's naked in front of a roaring fire. (At least she knows how to anticipate the elements!) And if you thought that the "Stay" singer would button it up when she's walking around outside, well, you'd be dead wrong, because NOTHING and NO ONE will stop Rihanna from letting it all hang out.

Snapped exiting NYC's Da Silvano restaurant, Rihanna strolled out in a SUPER low-cut top that plainly says, "Helloooo, world! Oops, I've come undone! But who cares?! I got the goods! And I'm NEWLY SINGLE!" Hey, maybe we just answered our own question! Of COURSE Rihanna's showin' it off -- after reportedly splitting from Chris Brown (again), she's probably officially on da prowl. Because after a breakup, wouldn't it heal YOUR ego to bask in a night of unbuttoned blouses and copious amounts of rich, delicious food? (But let's just hope that Rihanna wore a stretchy skirt with that top. We give Ri all kinds of props for going out to eat with her stomach literally exposed. Talk about no-bloat fear!)

Photo credit: Splash News