The Buzz On: Mike Tompkins

The Buzz On: Mike Tompkins

You heard it here first: Mike Tompkins is the most popular person on the internet.

Meet Mike Tompkins. Well, actually, if you spend ANY time on the computer, you might've already "e"-met Mike since he's basically the most "YouTube famous" musician around (ahemmmm, just ask his 130 million views and 825k YouTube subscribers). But on the off chance that you're NOT familiar with Mike, then we'll give you the full 411 on his pop/a cappella vibe (popcapella?), his awesome YouTube covers, and his slick, radio-friendly originals. And no, I don't need any royalties on the word "popcappella," thanks for asking.

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It's not easy to rise above the YouTube masses, but Mike's internet karma changed forever in 2010 when he released a game-changing combo-cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" and Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are." And when we say "game-changing," we literally mean that the cover changed Mike's life: After the success of his epic mashup, Mike started turning up everywhere from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" to the "Today" show, AND began writing and producing in the studio with Timbaland. #Balling

Nowadays, while Mike is still slaying the YouTube game (check out his cover of Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie"), he's also working on some original jams slated to appear on his forthcoming debut album, Principio, dropping sometime in the fall of 2013.

"Shake The Ground," Mike's latest endeavor, is a brash pop jam that beautifully paves the way for Mike's forthcoming official debut single, "Last First Kiss," dropping in June. And did we mention that in addition to watching and re-watching his videos, you can actually watch Mike perform IRL soon? On June 1, along with more than 28 other YouTube superstars, Mike will take the stage at DigiTour's DigiFest NYC, the first-ever YouTube music tour and all-day indoor festival at Terminal 5 in NYC. Seriously, we suggest that you see Mike's dope live act in person before he becomes One Direction famous, so head to to cop your tickets. Oh, and maybe drop the world "popcappella" while you're there.

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