New Video: Leah LaBelle, 'Lolita'

Watch Leah LaBelle's "Lolita" video.

Leah LaBelle brings all the boys to the yard in her "Lolita" video.

We're not ones to ignore a Pharrell co-sign (that's, like, HUGE in our book), which is why we're paying close attention to Leah LaBelle (Pharrell's protégé and Season 3 "American Idol" alum) and her newly released "Lolita" video, off her forthcoming debut album (due sometime in 2013). You may have first heard Leah's retro-tinged, Pharrell-produced jam back in January, and now that her saucy, sexy video is out, well, let's just say that this is one you'll want to watch at home. Ideally with your boyfriend or girlfriend on speed dial.

Watch Leah LaBelle's "Lolita" video after the jump.

In her Diane Martel-directed video, the "Sexify" singer prances around in super-revealing outfits while she taunts and teases all the boys (who just happen to be) in the yard. As Leah seductively waters the the plants, she's all, "Oops! Was that a gust of wind that blew up my skirt?? My bad!"

Plus, as if that weren't sexy enough, Leah (aka "Lolita") also opens a naughty lemonade stand (and we say "naughty" because who sells roadside lemonade in a crop top?) and hangs out with a gaggle of shirtless men, who watch in awe as she gently caresses a giant plush stuffed animal. It's all a thinly veiled attempt to get some, as The Rolling Stones say, "Satisfaction" -- but we think we could find, uhh, several (thousand) people who would be more than willing to indulge this "Lolita."

Watch Leah LaBelle's "Lolita" video.

Photo credit: Sony