Rihanna Celebrates Being RIHANNA With Balloons, Obviously (PHOTO)

Rihanna got a bunch of balloons!

Rihanna takes (another) sexy selfie, this time with balloons!

What do you get a famous pop star like Rihanna to celebrate stuff like her new "777" documentary, her Diamonds World Tour, and most important, her recent single status? Some more leafy attire? NOPE! You get her a bunch of colorful balloons! See? It doesn't matter how famous (or how old) you are -- balloons are a classic and perfect celebratory gift. Now, let's take bets: How long do you think it took before Rihanna sucked the helium out of those balloons? Two minutes after her Instagram post? Three minutes? Four?

The "Pour It Up" singer shared her photo on Instagram with an excited but expletive-laced caption. (We can't post it here, but here's the gist: "THANKS FOR THE BALLOONS, FRIENDS! I LOVE YOU GUYS! COULDN'T HAVE RULED THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU!) Anyway, you really have to love Ri's way of thanking her friends for gifts by taking sexy selfies. We don't suggest using Rihanna's thank-you method for when your grandma gives you birthday money -- that would be weird. But we're mostly hoping that all you single bros out there are taking notes! Now that Rihanna and Chris Brown have allegedly broken up (again), this photo serves as the perfect hint for how to woo/impress Rihanna. Just don't go too far by sending her any balloon animals. She might think she's getting hit on by a circus clown, and that's just plain TERRIFYING.

Photo credit: @badgalriri

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