Video Premiere: Snowden, 'So Red'

Watch a mysterious trip back to the farm in Snowden's "So Red" video.

Watch a mysterious trip back to the farm in Snowden's "So Red" video.

Here's a "Twilight Zone" episode for you: Snowden's "So Red" video chronicles a mysterious trip to a farm, featuring a runaway horse, wordless desperation and, um, extensive crotch shots. Nice pants, bro. The evocative video, produced by NY-based production house LANDED, leaves the plot loose, focusing on its handsome hero's arrival in the field after daydreaming of his pal the horse and making his way out to the country. It's a love story! The footage is more faded and sun-kissed than any particular color -- "So Instagram" is probably a bad name for an indie rock song, though.

Watch Snowden's "So Red" video after the jump.

"So Red" offers strange emotional landscapes in the music, too, with frontman Jordan Jeffares' subtle humor ("I could be a poet but we don't have time") swimming through a waves of guitar distortion and the distant stomp of bass drums. Jeffares repeats "It's not that simple" like a mantra, perhaps a nod to the long path toward finishing the band's new album, No One in Control, the group's first since their 2006 debut, Anti-Anti.

The new set's due May 14 on Snakes & Serpents, Kings Of Leon's label and home to The Features and Turbo Fruits. Snowden's next U.S. tour kicks off May 30 at New York's Mercury Lounge, Rod Serling monologue not included.

+ Watch Snowden's "So Red" video.

Photo credit: Adam Nash