Video Premiere: Pierce The Veil, 'Bulls In The Bronx'


Pierce The Veil show off some bullfighting skills in their "Bulls In The Bronx" video.

Last month, after seeing a few behind-the-scenes photos of Pierce The Veil's "Bulls In The Bronx" video, we felt wildly speculative about whether or not we could expect any choreographed dancing from the band. Well, we were a little off. The video does feature some sensual, Spanish-influenced dancing, but the boys themselves mostly confine their moves to the guitar-wielding persuasion.

Watch Pierce The Veil's "Bulls In The Bronx" after the jump.

"'Bulls In The Bronx' is definitely the sexiest video we've ever released thanks to the help of our beautiful Spanish dancer and some expert choreographing by our director, Drew Russ," singer Vic Fuentes said before the video's release. He's right -- there are some lovely moments throughout, particularly in the song's middle section, which takes a sharp turn into a Flamenco-style acoustic guitar passage. It's an effective backdrop for the video's two young lovers wearing bullfighting costumes, but it turns out that the bull in question is actually an angry dad. (Not sure which is more frightening to run from. At least with a rampaging bull it's not personal.)

The video for the song, the third from their Collide With The Sky album, was shot in California and also features the band performing the soaring metal-core epic inside the house where the drama takes place.

"I really wanted to have a story people could relate to, as well as have a fun supernatural element to fit the bridge of the song," Russ recently told "To me, this is such a standout song, and when the bridge hits, it almost transports the listener to another place. I really wanted to represent that on camera."

Unfortunately for the characters, they didn't really get a chance to fully transport to another place, if you know what we mean (make-out-wise), but even the best matadors get tossed on their butts in the ring sometimes. The important thing is to get back up and try again.

+ Watch Pierce The Veil's "Bulls In The Bronx" video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records