New Song: Mariah Carey Featuring Miguel, '#Beautiful'

Listen to Mariah Carey and Miguel's "#Beautiful."

Listen to Mariah Carey and Miguel's "Beautiful" collaboration.

We kiiiiind of hate the word "comeback" in regards to Mariah Carey, because, well, it's not like she ever went away. She took a small hiatus from the musical spotlight, but we still saw her posing adorably with Dem Babies, watched her battle it out with Nicki Minaj on "American Idol," and listened to a few less-than-special songs like "Almost Home." That in mind, Mariah's latest endeavor, "#Beautiful," featuring the mad soulful Miguel, is OFF THE CHAIN. So, even though we  kinda hate to say it, "Welcome back, Mimi!"

Listen to Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel after the jump.

Set to a retro-tinged, guitar-driven track, "#Beautiful" features Miguel's soothing R&B pipes and Mariah's 1991-sounding ethereal vocals. Miguel opens the track, boldly crooning: "Hop on the back of my bike/ Let the good wind blow through your hair/ With an ass like that/ And a smile so bright/ Oh, you're killing me/ You know it ain't fair." Mariah pops up later to chant the song's hook, echoing Miguel's sentiments, only this time with a bit less emphasis on the badunk: "Oh, you're beautiful/ And your mind is f***ing beautiful/ And I can't pretend that/ That doesn't mean a thing to me." Wanna know what else we think is beautiful? Aside from Miguel and Mariah's faces AND the Cinderella-themed gown Mariah wore to renew her vows in Disneyland?? THIS SONG! Keep up the good work, Mariah!

Listen to Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel.

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