New Video: Goldroom Featuring Mereki, 'Only You Can Show Me'

Watch the Goldroom crew bust some bold moves in the "Only You Can Show Me" video.

Goldroom show off some new dance moves in "Only You Can Show Me."

Bold-colored hoodies, short shorts, bodacious beards -- nope, it's not an American Apparel ad. Instead, Goldroom's new "Only You Can Show Me" video gathers a model-worthy crew to show off their dance moves over a summery beat, with blown-out lighting blasting even more color across the rainbow-hued sartorial choices. This reminds us: We definitely need some new spring hoodies.

Watch Goldroom Featuring Mereki's "Only You Can Show Me" video after the jump.

Among the video's many stars (holler at you, headband-rocking bubblegum-blower bro) is Mereki, the track's staggeringly blonde singer, who gives the song its yearning title hook. And it's not the only place you'll see her: The singer's been touring with Goldroom as a member of the live trio. The L.A. EDM act's been all over lately, with a successful SXSW run followed by an East Coast tour and "exciting plans for the summer" coming up next. Mr. Goldroom himself -- aka Josh Legg -- is even lending his sun-soaked magic to one of electro-pop's breakthrough divas, dropping a hard-grooving remix of Charli XCX's "You (Ha Ha Ha)" in April. Pop on your neon and get your own summer dance party started below.

+ Watch Goldroom Featuring Mereki's "Only You Can Show Me" video.

Photo credit: David Greenwald