Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' 'Conquistador' Lyric Video

Thirty Seconds To Mars' lyrics wash over nature and the elements in their "Conquistador" lyric video.

We knew Thirty Seconds To Mars had grand ambitions for their forthcoming album, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS (dropping May 21), but after watching the lyric video for "Conquistador," we had NO idea just how big they planned to go. (Hint: ENORMOUS.) How can we tell? Well, there's huge cascading lyrics over unexplainable phenomena like Aurora Borealis, tidal waves, and thunderstorms while Jared Leto shouts about preparing for war. So yeah, we can infer they're aiming for something a little epic.

Watch Thirty Seconds To Mars' "Conquistador" lyric video after the jump.

Opening with picturesque, lush visuals of Earth from outer space (sorry, no incognito Jared Leto this time, unless you have VERY good vision), "Conquistador" zooms in to capture things like gigantic, home-destroying tornadoes, flocks of birds, and stormy skies for days. Amid all of this visual stimuli, the songs' lyrics suggest tumult and upheaval: "This is a fight to the death/ Our holy war/ A new romance/ A Trojan whore/ We will rise again." Wow, that's a lot to unpack. But let's think back to our sit-down with the band: Think all that death and destruction fits into the album's philosophy of how love, lust, faith, and dreams are interwoven? Could be! And while there are no gratuitous shots of the band in their lyric video, we are lucky enough to get some MAJOR "Planet Earth" (on crack!) vibes. That seems like a fair compromise.

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Photo credit: Virgin Records