The Buzz On: Trevor Jackson

The Buzz On: Trevor Jackson

R&B crooner Trevor Jackson is probably the next Usher, so you might wanna listen up.

What were you doing when you were 16? No, really, think about it. Because I'm guessing that nothing you did or are doing comes close what teenage R&B wunderkind Trevor Jackson is up to.

Actually wait, did we say 16? Because we really meant to ask what you were doing when you were 3. While you were legit sucking on a Goldfish, a young Trevor had landed his first big break as "Young Simba" in Disney's national tour of "The Lion King"! And did we mention that Trevor played Simba for a whopping three years, which makes him just one month shy of being the longest-running Young Simba of all time?? (Because doing anything aside from eating and spilling food on your face at age 3 isn't enough, right?)

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Now at 16 years old, Trevor is already on his way to becoming, well, USHER (with a dash of Jason Derulo). For one thing, Trevor's signed to Atlantic Records and has already unleashed his debut single, "Like We Grown," which is set to appear on his upcoming debut album (release date TBD, but tomorrow would be great!). On top of that, Trevor's "Like We Grown" video features him and Disney starlet Zendaya (Coleman) -- who's also on "Dancing With The Stars"! -- flirting their way through the afternoon, which literally reaffirms everything we've always thought about Trevor. Usher, BEWARE!

+ Listen to Trevor Jackson, and watch his "Like We Grown" video.

Photo credit: Adrian J.