Katy Perry Reigns Supreme At Her Killer Queen Fragrance Launch! (PHOTO)

Katy Perry launches her new fragrance, Killer Queen, in a throne!

All hail Katy Perry, the Queen of everything!

We've been calling Katy Perry royalty for, like, EVER (#trendsetters), but it's looking pretty official now that she's sitting on HER OWN THRONE. OK, so technically Katy's just pretending to be royalty for the unveiling of her brand-new fragrance, Killer Queen, but don't act like pretending that beautiful pop stars rule our world isn't SUPER fun and wouldn't be a dream come true! (We already think she'd make a stellar president.) So, from now on, please call Katy "your highness" and KNEEL BEFORE HER.

The "Teenage Dream" singer was snapped sitting pretty at her fragrance launch event in New York City. WAIT! Here's an idea: What if we just created a real-life royal pop star court? Katy and Beyoncé could be queens together (obvs), Adam Lambert could be king (no contest), One Direction could be the princes (the more the marry-able), and Ke$ha could be the royal jester! (We mean that in a nice way, like how it's funny/weird that Ke$ha puts beards in her mouth.) We'd have NO problem being loyal subjects to that royal family.

Photo credit: Getty Images