A Straight Flexin' Miley Cyrus Posted The BEST Throwback Thursday Photo Of All Time! (PHOTO)

Check out Miley Cyrus' amazing Throwback Thursday photo!

We LOVE Miley Cyrus' Throwback Thursday photo!

We love a good #TBT around here, and honestly, on what PLANET does a better Throwback Thursday exist than the above photo of Miley Cyrus straight flexin' in the arabesque position! In basically the exact same position! In two different phases of her life!! So special. And of course I'll refrain from mentioning my most recent #TBT, which is me riding a toy horse while holding a diet Pepsi in one hand and a balloon in another. But I wouldn't wanna steal Miley's thunder or whatever.

Based on the above Twitter photo, we proooobably wouldn't have guessed that the adorable little kid in head-to-toe lavender would eventually go on to release dope collaborations like "Ashtrays And Heartbreaks" with Snoop Lion and "Fall Down" with will.i.am, AND be the reigning Queen of underboob and side butt cheek! But the world is full of surprises, isn't it? Miley, PLEASE POST MOAR #TBTs! It's not that we don't love seeing 10,000 photos of your dogs, but getting the inside scoop on Mini-Miley would also be PERF.

Photo credit: @MileyCyrus