Star Spotting: Harry Styles Shares A Zen Moment With His Chicken Dinner (PHOTO)

Harry Styles of One Direction eyes up a whole chicken after his show.

One Direction's Harry Styles is ready to eat that chicken!

If anyone understands stress, it's One Direction's Harry Styles. In addition to maintaining his fabulous mop of curls, he has to show up onstage night after night to deliver perfect dancing, harmonizing, and (perhaps most important) kiss-blowing. We can only imagine how famished the 1D heartthrob would be after such grueling activity! So of course we're happy to see that Harry properly maintains his energy by healthy eating things ('cause if we were a famous pop star, we'd only eat cotton candy like Avril Lavigne). But Harry isn't going to settle for any lame lean chicken breast. Nope, he just EATS AN ENTIRE CHICKEN. Growing boys (with GIGANTIC boy band biceps) need their protein.

The "Kiss You" singer shared the photo of his after-show "snack" on Instagram along with the caption "Nothing like a good chicken chicken after a show.." You kinda have to love Harry's attitude: "I don't give a cluck what else is happening at this moment; all I want is this chicken in my belly!" Dude is looking at that fowl like, "Don't let me get in my zone!" But hey, we aren't gonna judge. At least Harry still looks super charming and totally zen right before feasting on an entire bird. Because if you placed a giant pizza in front of us, it wouldn't be as pretty.

Photo credit: @onedirection