MTV Artist To Watch: Austin Mahone

Meet MTV Artist To watch: Austin Mahone

MTV's latest Artist To Watch is pop singer and YouTube sensation Austin Mahone.

We hardly need to introduce you to our latest MTV Artist To Watch: 17-year-old pop wunderkind, dancer, and the next Justin Bieber hopeful, Austin Mahone. But just in case you can't call yourself a "Mahomie" yet or haven't listened to Austin's sparkling pop gems (if not, please listen to "11:11," the Flo Rida-assisted "Say You're Just A Friend," and "Say Somethin" STAT), then sit yourself down as we delve into the finer points of Austin's pop past and (what is sure to be promising) future.

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Born in San Antonio, Texas, Austin kicked off his career in 2011 by -- what else? -- posting cover songs to YouTube (sound like anyone else you know?). Eventually Austin's videos reached such a viral point (he's got more than 90 million views), that the industry took MAJOR notice; now Austin's signed to Chase/Universal Republic, has released a string of ultra-catchy, radio-ready pop songs, is one of the opening acts for Taylor Swift's "Red" tour, and is hard at work on his debut album (when he's not being chased down by hoards of screaming Mahomies, that is). And in case you didn't hear us the first time, we said "one of the opening acts on Taylor Swift's 'Red' tour." As in, Austin's OPENING FOR TAYLOR SWIFT. Yeah, you know the drill: If Taylor likes it, then SO DO WE.

Austin may still be putting the finishing touches on his debut album, but judging by his current collection of singles, he's clearly moved past the "messing around on YouTube" phase. Get introduced to Austin with his first single, "11:11," a sweetly innocent Auto-Tuned pop jam that showcases his velvety vocals. Next up, get on the dance floor to "Say Somethin," a fun-loving guitar-pop track that's sure to inspire memories of chasing down your first (or 15th) high school crush. Slow things down with the piano-driven "Heart In My Hand (Live On The Beach)," and finally, top your Austin party off with the high-energy take on Biz Markie's classic "Say You're Just A Friend," featuring an excellent collab with rapper and "Whistle" singer Flo Rida.

So, what's next for the MTV Artist To Watch performer? Well, Austin will be spending most of the summer with Ms. Taylor Swift on her "Red" tour, as well as hitting a slew of East Coast county fairs into September. Other than that, we are WAITING like fangirls camped outside of a box office at 7 a.m. for Austin's debut album to drop. (Now would be a good time to tell us when that'll be, Austin.... We're DYING over here.)

+ Download "Heart In My Hand (Piano Version).

Austin Mahone - Heart In My Hand - Piano Version by RepublicRecords

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Photo credit: Chase/Universal Republic