Listen To Forever The Sickest Kids’ 'Chin Up Kid' & Watch The Lyric Video

Forever The Sickest Kids hit the reset button on love in their new song "Chin Up Kid." Plus: Watch the "Chin Up Kid" lyric video!

It might take you a second to confirm that you hit play on the right video at the outset of Forever The Sickest Kids' new song "Chin Up Kid" (from their forthcoming album, J.A.C.K.). The track opens with a scratchy vinyl effect, a playful string jaunt, and an unexpected triumphant burst of old-timey, guy-on-a-penny-farthing harmonies. Have FTSK gone all Panic At The Disco-meets-Queen on us? But things return to form for the Dallas band soon enough, however, and we're off to the races on a rush of guitars and pop-punk energy.

Listen to Forever The Sickest Kids' new song, "Chin Up Kid," and watch the lyric video after the jump.

In the lyric video, we see Forever The Sickest Kids' lyrics zoom by in a style modeled after a comic book. "Everybody hurts every once and in a while/ and everybody goes to sleep with a broken heart," Caleb Turman sings over a cavalcade of guitar noise and underlying synth pulses. "Good things come and go/ but kid you'll learn how to cope." If you're looking for pop-punk's "it gets better" summer anthem, then you've found it. (Most super heroes have humble beginnings too, right?)

"It's a feeling that anyone who's been through heartbreak will recognize," the band explained. "'Chin Up Kid' can be a very relatable song to most. We wrote this song about keeping your head up through heartbreak and trying times. Young love can come and go before you realize you even had it."

The song morphs into multiple stylistically different passages besides the out-of-left-field intro before it's through, while the lyric video cuts right to the chase with the pop-punk we've come to know. Toward the middle of the song, video game effects color in the cracks, forcing home the lyrics about starting over and giving it another shot once it seems like you've lost the game.

"We hope this song motivates the listener to find inner strength to keep moving on and pressing forward." Meet your new soundtrack to soldiering on. J.A.C.K. is out June 25 on Fearless Records.

+ Listen to Forever The Sickest Kids' "Chin Up Kid," and watch the "Chin Up Kid" lyric video.

Photo credit: Fearless Records