New Song: Robin Thicke Featuring 2 Chainz And Kendrick Lamar, 'Give It To You' (NSFW)

Robin Thicke gives us a future-club vibe on the produced "Give It To You."

Robin Thicke explores a futuristic club vibe on the "Give It To You."

Robin Thicke doesn't strike us as a club-hopping, neon lights, up-all-night kind of dude. Nope, he seems more like an "ultrasmooth lounge/refined bourbon" type -- just listen to "Blurred Lines" if you don't believe us. But our snap judgments could never stop a talented singer like Robin from KILLING IT in all genres, which is all too clear on his new jam "Give It To You" (featuring 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar), from his forthcoming Blurred Lines album. But enough talking; let's dance!

Listen to Robin Thicke featuring 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar's "Give It To You" after the jump.

Premiering with Sway Calloway on Sirius Shade 45, "Give It To You" kicks off with a EDM beat before leading into Robin Thicke's signature falsetto. "Hey girl/ You know you're looking so damn fine/ You're looking like you fell from the sky/ You know you make a grown man cry/ I want to give it to you tonight," Robin croons above the space-age tones and heavy bass.

2 Chainz soon joins in (by shouting "2 Chaaaainz" -- duh) with some predictions for how his night will go: "I'm in the main event/ Baby you the main attraction/ What I need a script and a camera for?/ Let's put this thing in action!" Meanwhile, Kendrick Lamar's trying to squeeze in a little afternoon delight: "Lunch with a few Mai Tai's/ Purple kisses on my tie." So, to recap: We'll always think of Robin Thicke as a smooth and suave kinda guy, but judging by the exceedingly clubbier "Give It To You," dude can truly do it all. And he'll be wearing a perfectly unkempt bow tie while he does it.

+ Listen to Robin Thicke featuring 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar's "Give It To You" (NSFW).

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