New Video: Ginny Blackmore, 'Bones'

Watch Ginny Blackmore's "Bones" video.

Ginny Blackmore laments a less-than-perfect relationship in her "Bones" video.

Word on the street is Auckland, New Zealand songstress (and accomplished songwriter) Ginny Blackmore wrote "Bones" in one night during a "girly, emotional moment" which may or may not have involved a bottle of wine. (How all great anti-love songs begin, obviously.) So of course this means that not only is Ginny our actual spirit animal, but even if she didn't sound like the perfect hybrid of Kelly ClarksonSkylar Grey and Kate Bush, and EVEN if her "Bones" video wasn't a gorgeously shot emotional roller coaster, we would be still be OBSESSED with her.

Watch Ginny Blackmore's "Bones" video after the jump.

As her soft and gentle ballad plays in the background, Ginny sits on the floor (perhaps mimicking the night she wrote "Bones"?) looking incredibly sad as she laments a boyfriend who clearly does NOT appreciate her as much as he could: "All I've ever wanted was for your damn arms to wrap themselves around me/ And say, 'Hey girl, you're the prettiest thing I ever seen.'" WE FEEL YOU.

Later, after watching several other couples act out the same loveless scenario, the camera settles on Ginny and her man (who's bearded -- DUH) as she hugs him from behind and practically begs him to love her. OK, maybe asking your man to call you "the prettiest thing he's ever seen" is a smidge needy, but we've SO been there. Also, have you seen Ginny's face? 'Cause it's not like the dude would be lying!

Watch Ginny Blackmore's "Bones" video.

Photo credit: Epic Records