Watch Austin Mahone Get SWARMED By Fans In Mexico City (VIDEO)

Watch Austin Mahone be swarmed by fans in Mexico City!

Girls are literally CLIMBING TREES to catch a glimpse of Austin Mahone in Mexico!

Don't get us wrong -- we knew that Austin Mahone had a lot of fans (AHEM, MAHOMIES). We even knew that he had extra-famous fans like Selena Gomez! (Honestly, who ISN'T gonna Stan hard for Austin's IMMENSE guns?) But did you know that MTV's Artist To Watch has (approximately) the most fans in Mexico City? No, really. Like, ALL THE FANS. And they'll stop at nothing to swarm the "Heart In My Hand (Live On The Beach)" singer should they catch an in-person glimpse of him. That said, it's time to watch a video of Austin's Mexican Mahomies going HAM for him outside Universal Republic's Mexico City offices! But maybe don't watch if you're scared of huge crowds, unfettered squee-ing, and fangirls in trees. Yes, you heard us. We said, "FANGIRLS IN TREES."

+ Watch Austin Mahone get swarmed by fans in Mexico City!

Photo credit: Chase/Universal Republic