New Song: Marina And The Diamonds And Charli XCX, 'Just Desserts'

Listen to "Just Desserts," a new collab from Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX.

Marina Diamandis and Charli XCX team up on "Just Desserts," a song that's not as sweet as it sounds.

I know we're what you might call "music journalists" and "professionals" around here, but sometimes it's really hard to write about a song when your brain gets all jammed up and you can't make words no good -- a tongue-tied feeling that's similar to when you have a crush on someone and can't figure out how to express yourself without sounding like a fool. And now we're feeling especially inarticulate over "Just Desserts," a superpowered team-up from British pop singers Marina and the Diamonds and Charli XCX, two ladies we've been in "like-like" with for a WHILE.

Listen to Marina And The Diamonds and Charli XCX's "Just Desserts" after the jump.

Sorry, where were we? "Just Desserts," from the pals who are set to kick off their North American tour next week, is actually about the exact opposite of all that crushing stuff. "Baby, I know that it hurts, but you're about to get your just desserts," Charli sings, before coming together in harmony with Marina. "Harder than crashing and burning, I hope that you learn your lesson."

The playful sing-song melody contrasts with the lyrical message, and the stark, minor-chord piano stabs. "Revenge is sweet," they sing. "Now that the shoe's on the other foot."

Oh man, how'd you like to be the poor chump on the receiving end of a thorough karma beat down from two badass ladies like this? Doesn't feel good, we're guessing. Probably worth finding out though.

+ Listen to Marina And The Diamonds and Charli XCX's "Just Desserts."

Photo credit: Atlantic Records