Star Spotting: Rihanna's Bossing Up Canada (PHOTO)

Rihanna hits the Canadian Border and and marks the occasion with an instagram!

Rihanna is all, "You KNOW I can be in the U.S. and Canada AT THE SAME TIME."

It's no secret that Rihanna has a love-hate relationship with the Canadian border. I mean, the toddler caretaker LOVES Canada and all; it's just that sometimes (from what we hear) it takes a minute to actually cross over, 'cause Border Patrol tends to find things on tour buses that *cough cough* shouldn't be there. Things that maybe Snoop Dogg would like A LOT. And maybe some peeps from Justin Bieber's team? (Was that vague enough?) Anyway, from what we can tell, the professional side eye-giver is ALL about the border these days, even Instagramming a photo of her straight FLEXIN' near said border to mark the occasion! Also, as an aside, we'd like to say a hearty "welcome back" to Rihanna's backward cap! We missed you!

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Along with the above photo, the "Stay" singer captioned "#CANADA I'm baaaaack!!!! First stop#Montreal!! #DWT" and "Much love to my girls at the border!#tourlife #borderbehaviour." We're glad that Ri has a good relationship with the border despite her previous dustup. And to add, can we just give some quick props to Rihanna for being totally normal and wearing spandex on a travel day? Because there is nothing worse than wearing a binding outfit when travel bloat hits, and we really appreciate the fact that Rihanna has finally absorbed that. Also, apologies for saying the word "bloat" before noon.

Rihanna hits the Canadian Border and and marks the occasion with an instagram!

Mad contemplative at the border, yo.

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram