Star Spotting: This Katy Perry, Florence Welch & Jessie Ware Trio Is Probably The First Thing You See When You Get To Heaven (PHOTO)

Katy Perry, Florence Welch, and Jessie Ware met at the "Great Gatsby" Prada party in New York City.

Please take the appropriate amount of time to "OMG" over the fact that these three incredibly talented women -- Katy Perry, Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, and Jessie Ware -- were IN THE SAME ROOM TOGETHER AT THE SAME TIME! Thankfully we haven't died yet (except how we almost figuratively died over this photo), but we imagine this is the first thing you see when you get to heaven. We also imagine that after this photo was taken, the ladies exchanged phone numbers and email addresses, added each other on Facebook, and became instant BFFs and vintage shopping buddies. Then, they realized that three is an odd number and said something like, "We should get a fourth," thus inviting us into the fold BECAUSE THIS IS OUR IMAGINATION AND THIS IS HOW WE CHOOSE TO ENGAGE IT.

The three powerhouse singers were snapped attending Prada's "The Great Gatsby" party in New York City. We can't say for sure what happened after Jessie, Florence, and Katy met, but wouldn't it have been AMAZING if the girls busted out an a cappella version of one of the songs from "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack? Maybe Emeli Sandé's "Crazy In Love" cover or Beyoncé and Andre 3000's "Back To Black"? OK, clearly we're overwhelmed right now and the best way to calm us is to actually invite us to these types of parties so we don't lose our minds over thinking about what could have been. Can someone get us on the guest lists? Our sanity depends on it.

Photo credit: Getty Images

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