Rihanna Throws Some Glamorous/ Intimidating Shade In New York City (PHOTO)

Rihanna takes on the streets of New York City with a serious side eye and a butterfly shirt.

Rihanna throws some glamorous/terrifying side eye. BOW DOWN.

When Rihanna's not busy grabbing herself and constantly being naked, she's practicing the elusive technique of side eying --- and DOMINATES IT. Step aside, Nicki Minaj and Kanye West! Ri's teaching all y'all how to throw shade. We also already knew that Rihanna was THE EMPRESS of IDGAF, but the above photo is just a glamorously terrifying reminder that you best stay out of her personal space/comfort bubble while she uses the streets as her very own catwalk. OR SHE WILL CUT YOU. (Hey! The Wanted didn't write a song about "Walking Like Rihanna" because she stops for slow pedestrians, mmmkay?)

The "Stay" singer was snapped giving the "don't eff with me" side eye to end all side eyes while out in New York City. Honestly, it's not like we're so surprised at Rihanna's ability to confidently intimidate with her side eye -- we ARE talking about the woman who called an entire album Unapologetic. We just want to believe there's a softer side to Rihanna (we've seen some of it when she's around babies), but we're just too afraid to ask for more proof. *Backs away slowly*

Photo credit: Splash News