Question: Is Cody Simpson Morphing Into Justin Bieber? (PHOTO)

Is Cody Simpson becoming Justin Bieber?

Is Cody Simpson becoming Justin Bieber? Survey says... YEP.

As long as we've been pop star experts, we've been more or less convinced that if anyone was going to morph into Justin Bieber, it'd be his (unofficial) 17-year-old protégé, Austin Mahone. I mean, Austin has straight up SAID that Biebs is his musical idol, we're pretty sure that the two singers follow the same shirtless workout routine, and they both got their start on YouTube. What more proof do you need? (Other than that Justin Bieber is also morphing into Vanilla Ice? Never mind -- we got off topic.) But you know what? We may have gotten our pop star wires crossed at some point, because how could we have missed the glaringly obvious new development that CODY SIMPSON, not Austin Mahone, is totally becoming Justin Bieber?! You think we're kidding? LOOK AT THIS PHOTO. It's like looking into a white tank top/hair-spiked mirror!!

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In case you're not totally convinced at our discovery (except you'd better believe us because WE'RE TRAINED PROFESSIONALS), let's look at the facts: Both singers are boys. Both singers are under 20 (Cody is 16; Justin is 19). Both singers specialize in the poppiest of radio pop music. Both singers have BUFF ARMS. OK, maybe those are some generalized things to have in common, but here's the kicker: THE HAIR. Cody has TOTALLY mastered Justin's trademark '12-'13 man-bang upsweep. Only it's a shade blonder (which kinda makes sense because Cody's white-blonde hair is from Australia and Justin's Canadian hair has more of a dirty blonde hue -- sunlight is harder to come by in Canada, right?). And also, THOSE WHITE TANK TOPS. All Cody needs now are a few "symbolic" tattoos, and the transformation will be complete. Resting our case... NOW.

Is Cody Simpson becoming Justin Bieber?

Do these guys have the same red carpet tailor? Dudes are rocking the same blazer!

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