New Video: Little Boots, 'Broken Record'


Little Boots spends the night at a roller disco in her "Broken Record" video.

It's probably not a coincidence that "Broken Record," the first song from U.K. synth-pop darling Little Boots, is rhythmically punctuated by resounding church bells; when it reaches its enthralling peak, a night at the club (or, in this case, a roller disco) is a spiritual experience. The video for the track off her sophomore LP Nocturnes, out next week, brings just such a night to life.

Watch Little Boots' "Broken Record" video after the jump.

It's not always easy to translate that euphoric club feeling to film (unless you're watching "The Last Days Of Disco"), but Little Boots' latest clip offers a pretty good approximation. It's a jumble of body parts, bright lights, and strobes flashing in your eyes -- an all-around sensory overload. When a song like this breaks into its hooky climax (which reminds us a LOT of Kylie Minogue's classic "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"), the world and the crowd can feel like it's moving in slow motion. In the video, and the song, Victoria Hesketh breaks up the pushing euphoria for moments of sweeping space, which is nice because occasionally we're going to need a break from all the dancing, if only to pick all that glitter out of our teeth.

Watch Little Boots' "Broken Record" video.

Photo credit: On Repeat