Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Renewed Their Vows In A Cinderella Ceremony At Disneyland WITH Dem Babies, Which IS THE MOST MARIAH CAREY-EST MOVE EVER!!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon renewed their wedding vows DRESSED AS CINDERELLA AND PRINCE CHARMING.

NO WORDS. We have literally ZERO WORDS to say about the fact that Mariah Carey and her hubby, Nick Cannon, went all out for their five-year anniversary/ "Dem Babies" birthday by renewing their vows at Disneyland in a "Cinderella"-themed ceremony. Actually, we do have a few words, and they go like this: Renewing your vows at Disneyland is THE MOST Mariah Carey-est thing to do ever. Especially if you're Mariah Carey. She's out-Mariahed herself! This is actually even more Mariah Carey-ier than when she played her own song during her twins' birth. Girlfriend is COMMITTED to being a princess and making sweet fantasies a reality.

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In case you're not fully recovered from the idea that Nick and Mariah would have a "CINDERELLA"-themed anything, then we'll do you a solid favor and point out the most important things about the event.

1.) Mariah as Cinderella makes so much sense on so many levels, right?

2.) Nick and Moroccan (still not over the fact that his name also doubles as an adjective) are wearing MATCHING Prince Charming outfits... EPAULETS and all.

3.) Their daughter Monroe has mama Mariah's favorite butterflies all over her dress.

4.) And last, but not certainly least, per the Vine below (a clip that you should have on repeat for the rest of your life), Mariah arrived to her princess ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage/pumpkin! Clearly this was a VERY detail-oriented affair, and we can only IMAGINE what Mariah and Nick will do for Dem Babies' 16th birthday. Or ALL of their birthdays. And half birthdays. And second Fridays.

+ Watch Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's grand entrance to their Disney princess wedding vow renewal.

Photo credit: @MariahCarey