Song Premiere: The Trophy Fire, 'Hey Dreamer'

The Trophy Fire get sleepy, in a good way in their new song "Hey Dreamer".

The Trophy Fire get sleepy (in a good way) in their new song, "Hey Dreamer."

This isn't usually the type of thing you'd say about a song and mean it as a compliment, but "Hey Dreamer," the first track from The Trophy Fire's upcoming Directions For Daylight album, makes us want to crawl right back into bed. If you're going to address a song directly to a dreamer, you'd better deliver on the subconscious imagery and the delightfully drowsy musical tones. Fortunately, both of those are in full supply on the San Francisco trio's gently unfolding guitar-driven lullaby. We're a little tuckered already.

Listen to The Trophy Fire's "Hey Dreamer" after the jump.

"Fragile thing/ your kiss on a sunburn/ temper your temper/ your crashing wave, disappeared like it was never here/ You live in a wheel now, in constant motion," frontman Ben Flanagan sings in a hushed voice over a vibrating guitar delay and pulsing drum echoes.

If Flanagan's name sounds familiar (and not just because it feels like the narrative in the back of your mind as you're drifting off to sleep), it might be from his time in bands like The Actual and Dredg. The Trophy Fire, which also includes brothers John and Adam Schuman, are set to release their third full-length on Greyday Records later this month.

But the band is a little different than their hard rock pedigree implies. "I originally had the idea to make electronic pop-type songs, but I couldn't put down my love for playing big-sounding rock songs," Flanagan explained. "That's how it morphed into what the group is today." Even though they're musically shifting, that penchant for electronic music showed up on their cover of The Knife's "Heartbeats" on The Trophy Fire's 2011 LP, Modern Hearts.

Flanagan says much of the band's new album is about looking backward and forward at the same time, explaining that "there's a theme of nostalgia and how looking back affects you in the present and the future." There's one sure place you can experience that sort of overlapping emotion: in your dreams. Crawl back under the covers and turn this one on.

+ Listen to The Trophy Fire's "Hey Dreamer."

Photo credit: Greyday Records

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