Star Spotting: Jared Leto Tries To Go Incognito, But We'd Recognize That Bone Structure Anywhere! (PHOTO)

Jared Leto covers up as he leaves BBC Radio 1 studios in London

Jared Leto? Is that you?

We totally get it when famous people don't feel like showing their faces, either because they just don't feel like seeing stars for 10 minutes from all the camera flashes and/or they ran out of their go-to concealer and would like the entire world NOT to see the purple-blue bags under their eyes! That said, in terms of the above photo of Thirty Seconds to Mars' lead singer Jared Leto trying to go MAD incognito while leaving the BBC Radio 1 studios in London, we're kinda like, "BUT WHY??"

First, even if the hypothetical bags under Jared's eyes took over his whole face (ew, that's kind of a sick concept), Jared would still be 99.9 percent more attractive than most people. Second, WE'D KNOW THAT BONE STRUCTURE ANYWHERE! Hiding is absolutely useless. We should point out that it's also possible that since the "Up In The Air" singer is a cool and cultured artist and rocker (i.e. dude worked with Damien Hirst!), he could just be having a "moment." OR maybe he's going "method" for a spy/secret agent movie role? Either way, the moral of the story here is that Jared can rock all the black sunglasses, hoodies, leather jackets, and "All-Black Everything" he wants! WE WILL ALWAYS KNOW IT'S HIM. And we don't care if that makes us sound creepy.

Photo credit: WENN