Watch Olly Murs Celebrate His U.S. Album Launch By Meeting Crying Fans And Climbing Into A Fridge (VIDEO)

Go behind the scenes with Olly Murs as he promotes the U.S. release of his album, "Right Place Right Time."

Olly Murs poses with a fan in Philly on his trek across the U.S.A.!

We're huge Olly Murs Stans -- his middle name's not Stanley for nothing -- around here (The voice! The face! THE ACCENT! THE FACE!), so you can only imagine how REVVED we are to bring you an exclusive look at a week in the life of Olly as he promotes the U.S. release of his album Right Place Right Time, which is officially out now. Also, we would like to reiterate that we are FULLY on board with the "X Factor U.K." contestant's American takeover, and with a face vocals like that, we think you should be too. (Also, do you know anyone other than Justin Timberlake who rocks a fedora half as well? OK, well Bruno Mars. But otherwise? No one!)

Watch a webisode chronicling a week in Olly Murs' life during his U.S. album launch after the jump.

In this exclusive webisode, one of Buzzworthy's favorite breakthrough artists of 2012 travels by rail (very green!) to Philadelphia where he's greeted by throngs of (literally) crying Olly Stans waiting to get a hug, picture, and autograph from Ols. Some fans had even lined up outside Philly's Trocadero Theatre 10 hours in ADVANCE. That's like, One Direction-caliber Stan-ship right there. And we salute that.

Later, while hanging out backstage, Olly adorably busies himself with things like climbing under a craft services food table and crawling into a fridge (don't ask, just watch). He also basks in the sound of every girl in Philadelphia chanting his name before starting the show. Reminder: THAT WAS ALL IN JUST ONE WEEK. Seven days. CAN'T even comprehend. We give this dude six months till he's 1D-level famous.

+ Watch a webisode chronicling a week in Olly Murs' life during his U.S. album launch.

Photo credit: Epic