New Video: Rita Ora, 'Facemelt' (NSFW)

Watch Rita Ora's "Facemelt" video.

Rita Ora wants to melt your face off in her fashion-forward new video. And SHE DOES.

Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at the dead-on accuracy of Rita Ora's "Facemelt" title -- after all, she is best known for teaming up with DJ Fresh (and rocking killer hot pants) in her explosive "Hot Right Now" video. Maybe Jay-Z's protégé's next song should be called "The Biggest Thing Ever," because it's already starting to look like that's where things are heading.

Watch Rita Ora's "Facemelt" video after the jump.

On "Facemelt," the latest track from Ora, AND the new Rankin-directed-video released as part of Hunger TV's Dirty Video series (which also features clips from Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea), Ora puts her money where her beats are. "It's the kind of beat that'll make your face melt," she boasts over an accelerating motorcycle effect and a grimy post-jungle bounce (thanks, Switch!), sounding like a mix of M.I.A. and Rihanna. And if the track itself wasn't already hot enough to do the job, Rita's Rihanna-like style in the video, not to mention her glowing light saber and hula-hoop dance moves, will melt whatever is left of your face after the music stops.

+ Watch Rita Ora's "Facemelt" video.(NSFW lyrics)

Photo credit: Roc Nation