Video Premiere: Daylight, 'Life In A Jar'

Watch Daylight's "Life In A Jar" video.

Daylight dig up scary ghosts of the '90s in their new "Life In A Jar" video.

We like to gently poke fun at all the young bands Remembering the '90s lately, but honestly, they're also providing a useful service for those of us who actually lived through the '90s. We feel like Guy Pearce in "Memento," and each bit of musical nostalgia helps us slowly put back together the hazy decade like pieces of a puzzle. The latest clues come from Doylestown, Pa.'s Daylight, whose grunge-tastic video for "Life In A Jar" feels like it was beamed straight from a vintage episode of "120 Minutes."

Watch Daylight's "Life In A Jar" video after the jump.

The video, shot by director Alex Henery (also behind another nostalgia-minded favorite of ours: Turnover's "Most of the Time"), reminds us that all '90s video cameras came with a fish-eye lens attached. Also, there was that obsession with spooky dolls and jars of creepy-crawly things. (Shout-out to Alice In Chains' Jar of Flies.) That was just a weird period all together, not gonna lie. The band, who are figuratively and literally wearing flannel in the clip, just released their debut LP Jar on Run For Cover Records. The song follows a grinding, quiet-loud-quiet that calls to mind many of the era's standouts.

"I've always been a fan of alternative bands like Smashing Pumpkins and Bush because my father was always listening to those bands, and we all grew up hearing those bands on the radio," vocalist Taylor Madison explained in a release. "Later in life, I got really into bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth. I think we all really wanted to write a record that drew heavy influence from those bands that we love, but had our own feel."

We reached out to Henery to explain where he pulled some of the ideas for the video from.

"The video was never planned to follow a narrative, I had some disturbing scenes in my head that I had always wanted to try and shoot," he said. "Once I started editing the footage I realized I had captured what felt like a bad dream, with surreal and reappearing visuals that jump out of the screen."

He's certainly managed to predict the next nightmare we'll be having tonight with that worm jar, so, thanks for that.

"I remember as a kid I got really scared by the scene in "The Good Son" where Macaulay Culkin's character throws a fake body off a bridge onto the highway. For some reason that stuck with me, and I really wanted to re-create that feeling of being disturbed in the this video with a similar scene."

Don't try this stuff at home, kids.

"We nearly got in trouble when we tried to throw the body off the cliff as it's located at an old abandoned quarry in Pennsylvania, and to get there you have to go down some railway tracks and avoid getting caught by the locals and police," Henery went on. "Just as we were getting to the cliff two random guys pulled up in front of us on 4x4's. They saw me with my camera, Jake with a box of kids' toys and Matt with what looked like a dead body slung over his shoulder. They looked at us and didn't say anything. I told them we were shooting a video, and they just stared at us. Eventually they just rolled their eyes and drove off."

+ Watch Daylight's "Life In A Jar" video.

Photo credit: Daylight