New Song: Iggy Azalea, 'Bounce' (NSFW)

Listen to Iggy Azalea's "Bounce."

Iggy Azalea returns with a brand-new club-ready anthem, "Bounce."

Let's pretend you're getting ready for a night out: You've applied eyeliner, you've got the perfect floral romper laid out on the bed next to some sky-high strappies, and all you need to top off your pregame (if you're of pregaming age) is the perfect "going-out-to-the-club" anthem. Well, you can rest easy (or NOT rest, as the case may be), because Australian model-turned-rapper Iggy Azalea's blazing new single "Bounce" (from her upcoming debut The New Classic) is so confidently club-ready (like, think Missy Elliott-meets-Lil' Kim-meets-Ke$ha-meets-Nicki Minaj), you may never need to sift through potential "getting ready" tracks again. Because you've found it. This is "THE ONE."

Listen to Iggy Azalea's "Bounce" after the jump.

Showcasing Iggy's signature no-nonsense, spitfire verses, "Bounce" has the "Work" rapper rhyming about -- what else? -- twerking it out with some lucky dude up in da clurb. "I don't wanna hurt ya/ But I'm about to work ya/ Watch your mouth drop real low/ I'm turning you up/ I'm burning the clutch/ Full speed, both feet to the floor/ Feet to the floor/ DJ running it back once more/ Time to party that's all I know/ Grab somebody tell 'em baby, baby, baby let's go." And why shouldn't Iggy go full throttle? Last we heard, the Grand Hustler had just been signed to Def Jam! And you know what that means: break out ALL THE BUBBLY and set up SHOP next to the bar. "Bounce" with Iggy below.

+ Listen to Iggy Azalea's "Bounce" (NSFW)

Photo credit: Island Def Jam Music Group / Grand Hustle Records

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