New Video: Cris Cab, 'When We Were Young'

Watch Cris Cab's "When We Were Young" video.

Cris Cab lives the good life in "When We Were Young."

It's not quite summer YET, but for Miami-based crooner Cris Cab, it's always either June, July, or August! Or, according to his "When We Were Young" video (from the Red Road mixtape), it's at least always time to take the boat out for a spin and surround yourself with hot bikini-clad babes who just looooove to listen to you sing like Paul Simon! Tough life you got there, Cris. TOUGH LIFE.

Watch Cris Cab's "When We Were Young" video after the jump.

Directed by Julien Diaz, "When We Were Young" has Cris (and some beautiful friends), like the Lonely Island once sang, "on a boat." Along with a gaggle of cute chicks and his guitar, the "Good Girls (Don't Grow On Trees)" singer sets sail on the open water, where everyone spends the day jumping in and out of the ocean -- basically looking like a straight-up Abercombie & Fitch commercial. In sum, it's always summer when you're Cris Cab! Which means that if we're gonna hang, we gotta stock up on some 100 SPF ASAP. Yep, WE SAID "100." (This girl has porcelain skin, and it's staying that way.)

Be on the lookout for Cris' debut album, featuring collabos from Mike Posner and Wyclef (!!), out this fall. 

+ Watch Cris Cab's "When We Were Young" video, and stream all of Cris' Red Road mixtape.

Photo credit: Cris Cab