We're Not Sure Harry Styles Knows The Right Way To Smell Flowers (PHOTO)

Harry Styles of One Direction has dinner in L.A. and leaves with a flower.

Harry Styles takes time from his hectic life to smell the flowers... kinda.

When you're SUPER busy like Harry Styles with all that One Direction fame, it's important to stop sometimes and, as they say, smell the flowers. Except, um, we're not really sure Harry knows how to smell the flowers judging by this photo! Harry, you're supposed to sniff the top part, not the stem! J/K! We're sure Harry knows how to properly smell flowers, we're just making a joke to cover up the fact that it's BREAKING our hearts that it's not us he's holding that close to his face. Why are we so transparent?

The "Kiss You" singer was snapped holding the red plant (er, sorry for the lack of botanical knowledge) while in Los Angeles where -- brace yourselves for this rumor, 1D-ers -- he was having dinner with two potential love interests: Rod Stewart's daughters Ruby and Kimberly. Yes, we said "two." SOOO, maybe Harry's acting out his own personal version of "The Bachelor" and this is his version of the rose ceremony!?! BUT, to keep from bursting into tears over the news of this budding relationship, we're just gonna keep on pretending he was going to hand the flower to us. (We might also watch too much reality TV.)

Photo credit: Pacific Coast News