Star Spotting: Is Anyone Surprised That Rihanna's Preshow Routine Involves Being Naked? (PHOTO)

It wouldn't be a Rihanna preshow routine without some nudity!

One would think that with our recent coverage of Rihanna's every move (i.e. that time she accessorized with a small child, that time she grabbed her crotch, that time she wore Prada boots AND NOTHING ELSE, that time she wore Audrey Hepburn pearls, etc.), that there would be no way we'd miss the above photo of Ri sitting naked while getting made up for her "Diamonds World Tour" stopover in Atlanta. But alas: LATE PASS ALERT! Maybe our "Rihanna naked" Google Alert was having an off day? (OK, just kidding. We obviously don't have a "Rihanna naked" Google Alert... until NOW.)

And sure, this pic of the "Stay" singer might've been posted a few days ago, but let us ask you this: Does Rihanna's unrelenting willingness to post attractive naked pics ever get old? Aaaand the answer to that would be a resounding "NOPE," because Rihanna's basically made an art form out of the "kind-of-almost-naked-but-not-naked-enough-to-be-kicked-off-Instagram" selfie, and we gotta respect that. Plus, how much sense does it make that part of Rihanna's preshow routine involves being naked? Like, really stop and think about that for a minute, and you'll realize that maybe life isn't so confusing after all.

Photo credit: @badgalriri