New Song: Gold Fields, 'You're Still Gone'


Dance-pop kings Gold Fields return with a brand-new single, "You're Still Gone."

Tribal dance-pop pioneers Gold Fields are self-proclaimed perfectionists -- word is that the MTV Artists To Watch rerecorded their debut album, Black Sun, a whopping three times before they felt completely satisfied with it. (We understand -- show us a writer who enjoys reading their own work, and we'll show you a liar.) But in the Australian quintet's case, their deep-seated perfectionism has paid off time and time again with not only shockingly good live shows, but with booming indie-dance tracks like "Dark Again," "Happy Boy," and their latest addictive Black Sun single, "You're Still Gone."

Listen to Gold Fields' "You're Still Gone" after the jump.

Leading with Depeche Mode-esque minor-key synths and piano chords, "You're Still Gone" rapidly erupts into a fast-paced, '80s-influenced dance track about desperately missing someone, be it an ex-lover or, if you're feeling literal, someone who dropped the ball on an OKCupid date (...but we're guessing it's the former). "Your cream touch keeps my time tick in/ But every minute's a mess when you're not in it/ I still feel you from a distance/ But every minute's a mile when you're still gone," sighs lead singer Mark Fuller in his signature falsetto. And while we feel his pain (Gold Fields' haunting harmonies is the stuff catharsis is made of), we're just a liiiittle too distracted by the impulse to -- what else? -- dance, dance, dance.

Check out Gold Fields' Black Sun, then shake it with the band in person on their spring tour with Capitol Cities, running through June.

+ Listen to Gold Fields' "You're Still Gone."

Photo credit: McLean Stephenson