Everything, And We Mean EVERYTHING, Is OK Today Because Katy Perry Hugged A Smurf (PHOTO)

Katy Perry and Smurfette share a hug in Cancun, Mexico for the "Smurfs 2" photo call.

Katy Perry hugged a Smurf(ette)!

Looking at this photo of Katy Perry hugging a Smurf (ummmm, that's Smurfette for any "I'm more of a 'Pokémon' person" nerds out there) reallly makes us want to be 8 years old again so we can wake up early on a Saturday to watch cartoons and scarf down Pop-Tarts. And sure, Katy's Smurf-themed photo might be a few days old (taken on April 22, to be exact), but who cares!? It's our happy place this week! Because sometimes being an adult is sooo exhausting, and all you want do is look at pretty pop stars hugging Smurfs to know that all is right with the world.

The "Part Of Me" singer was snapped hugging Smurfette, whom she voices in the upcoming "The Smurfs 2" (coming to theaters in July), during a movie photo call at the fifth-annual Summer of Sony event in Cancun, Mexico. You really gotta love how Katy honored her role in "The Smurfs 2" by wearing a matching chic blue outfit (girl can rock blue anything -- even hair), but to be honest we're getting kinda worried about that poor person who had to spend the day inside of that (what we imagine is not-so-ventilated) Smurf costume. Maybe they're introducing a new character: "Sweaty Smurf"? Ew.

Photo credit: Getty Images