Watch Beyonce Perform 'Grown Woman' On Her 'Mrs. Carter Show World Tour' Stopover In Paris!

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Beyoncé performed "Grown Woman" LIVE in Paris!

When Beyoncé's "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" made its first stopover in Belgrade, Serbia, word on the street was that she didn't debut ANY NEW SONGS! (#SADZ faces all over Serbia.) Sure, we heard a preview of Bey's "Grown Woman" in her Pepsi ad, and just yesterday we heard a snippet of our Queen's "Standing On The Sun" in her new H&M ad, but has she performed any of these new songs live? NOPE. Well, now we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief because 2013's "No-New-Songs-Gate" ended last night when, on her "Mrs. Carter Show World Tour" stopover in Paris, Beyoncé performed "Grown Woman" live! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! ...In April.

Watch Beyoncé perform  'Grown Woman' live after the jump.

As you might expect, Beyoncé completely knocked her damn song out the park, sounding vocally on point (obviously) and nailing choreography reminiscent of her "Love On Top" and "Baby Boy" moves. (Re-watch those videos and tell us we're wrong!) And let's not forget her custom-made multicolored leotard (fully equipped with a poof in the back), which might rival her now-famous rhinestone nipple costume. But our favorite part HAD to be when Beyoncé's dancers actually blindfolded her for a "you-move-now-I-move" back-and-forth dance-off. And that's pretty much the point of no return for us. Replay all day, zero work, ignoring all responsibilities. BYE.

+ Watch Beyoncé perform  'Grown Woman' live.

Photo credit: Splash News

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