Watch Jason Derulo Seduce A Sexy Brunette In A Behind-The-Scenes Look At His 'The Other Side' Video

Watch the lyric video for Jason Derulo's "The Other Side."

Jason Derulo cozies up to a lady who is NOT Jordin Sparks in his forthcoming "The Other Side" video.

When we got word that Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" MIGHT be about his IRL girlfriend Jordin Sparks, we were kiiiinda hoping/praying/fantasizing that J. Spark would make a cameo in the track's video! Well, sadly Jordin's nowhere to be found in Jason's "The Other Side" video, but the good news is that you're getting an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Jason's clip before it officially premieres Tuesday, April 30, on MTV and! (Please hold all applause/handwritten thank-you notes until the end of this post.)

Go behind the scenes of Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" video after the jump.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, video director Colin Tily explains that "The Other Side" is all about showing off Jason's "energy" (which may or may not rival the Energizer Bunny on Red Bull). Meanwhile, Jason's KILLING his choreography, does a "Cirque du Soleil"-caliber one-armed handstand, and gets it on with a gorgeous brunette who seems more than happy to get into a few compromising positions -- against a wall, in a car, and on top of a Britney Spears "Oops...I Did It Again"-style light block. Finally, like the sweetheart that he is, Jason takes a minute to thank everyone involved with the making of his new video. AW! We're so touched, we might even forgive his wet T-shirt grinding with that hot brunette model. Emphasis on "MIGHT."

+ Go behind the scenes of Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" video.

Photo credit: Warner Brothers Records