HeartsRevolution's 'Revolution Rising' Is the Coolest/ Weirdest Mixtape Of The Week

Listen to HeartsRevolution's "Revolution Rising" mixtape.

HeartsRevolution go genre-tripping in their new free mixtape, "Revolution Rising."

Has your attention span been reduced to rubble by the internet? Great! Because you're gonna need a nimble, Twitter-addled brain to fully appreciate the genre-jumping jumble of high-concept ideals and feel-good samples that make up Revolution Rising, the new mixtape from Brooklyn electro duo/art collective HeartsRevolution.

Listen to HeartsRevolution's "Revolution Rising" after the jump.

The mix's centerpiece, thesis statement, and most single-ready song is "Pop Heart," aka the internet culture-trolling video we fell for back in February. Elsewhere, Ben Pollock and Lo Safai alternate from familiar to hard-to-place samples, with Safai spitting sass over the likes of The Strokes, Joy Division, The Supremes, and, because why not... "Forrest Gump." (Hint: It's that moment where Jenny is trapped in the cornfields praying, "Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far, far away.")

As if that wasn't genre-wacky enough, HeartsRevolution called in some mixing help from hip-hop super producer Just Blaze. How'd that happen?

"We met him a while ago," Sofai told us. "When we were working on the mixtape and needed some help with the mixes, so we just asked him and, amazingly, he said yes. It was great and really cool to find support from such a hip-hop legend, plus he is one of the few people in hip-hop who has really embraced the EDM community as well." (FYI, the mixtape is pretty standard fare in the hip-hop world, but less so in the indie realm.)

So, why even make a mixtape if you qualify as an "indie" band? "We released a mixtape because if felt right," Sofai said. "We have been stuck in record industry limbo for what seems like forever, and had a lot of material we wanted to give away that maybe wouldn't fit on our album.  It's a sing-along mixtape for a generation lost, and since no other musicians wanted to start the conversation we felt someone should." And we're very open to listening in.

+ Listen to HeartsRevolution's Revolution Rising mixtape.

Photo credit: HeartsRevolution