Star Spotting: Justin Bieber Wears A Red Onesie That We Hope Is A One Direction Onesie! (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber rocked a red onesie outside his Stockholm hotel, and all we want is for it to be a One Direction onesie.

Justin Bieber is straight STUNTIN' in his red onesie.

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this a.m.? Well, FEAR NOT! We've got the remedy for all that ails you today, and it comes in the form of Justin Bieber straight STUNTIN' in a red onesie (fingers crossed for an incoming twerk video) outside his hotel in Stockholm, Sweden! And, while we can't confirm this, there IS a possibility that Justin could be rocking a ONE DIRECTION ONESIE! Because let's not forget that we live in a world where red 1D jumpsuits actually exist!

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On the off chance you're slacking a little on your "Bieber Onesie Watch," then we'll alert you to the fact that this is NOT Bieber's first time rocking a onesie! There was that time Justin slayed the onesie game in his American flag-themed jumpsuit and that other time he wore a sleeping bag/hoodie-onesie thing. Yeah, definitely into that American flag look, but we'd much prefer to see the glowing faces of, say, 1D's Niall Horan or Harry Styles, plastered on Justin's thigh! Or his back! Or his bulging bicep!

But on a slightly less cheery note, this isn't the first questionable or worrisome thing to happen on Justin's "Believe" tour -- word on the street is that last night Swedish police found a small amount of pot on Justin's tour bus. Ugh, don't you just hate when that happens? (And we're definitely NOT going to draw any conclusions about smoking = not wanting to get dressed = throwing on a onesie instead. We're also not going to say anything about it being too bad Justin wasn't still in Amsterdam at the time.)


Photo credit: Twitter