Star Spotting: Justin Timberlake And Frank Ocean Shared LOLs At The Time 100 Gala! (PHOTO)

Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean share a laugh at the Time 100 Gala.

Whatever Frank Ocean's saying at the Time 100 Gala has Justin Timberlake in STITCHES

We TOTALLY hate being left out of a good joke, so we really want in on whatever Frank Ocean said to make Justin Timberlake laugh THAT hard at the gala for Time's 100 Most Influential in the World. Maybe Frank and Justin were trading stories about performing on "Saturday Night Live"? It's also possible that they were giggling with glee over just how stacked their bank accounts are. ORRR maybe musicians as talented as them just sit around laughing for no good reason -- because they CAN! Isn't life funny when you've got endless talent and access to EVERYTHING?

Frank and Justin were snapped sharing a funny moment at the Time 100 Gala at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York City. Not only did Justin and Frank nail their "Suit & Tie" ensembles, but they were also honored at the event and brushed shoulders with other talented big deals in the music biz such as Christina Aguilera and Miguel. And while we're happy that Frank and Justin spent some time telling each other knock-knock jokes or whatever, we reallly hope they spent part of the evening discussing a possible future collabo?! Just IMAGINE!!

Photo credit: Getty Images

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