New Song: Jamie Drastik Featuring Pitbull And Havana Brown, 'Chasing Shadows'

Listen to Pitbull protege Jamie Drastik's hip-hop/pop jam, "Chasing Shadows."

Meet Pitbull's protégé: Jamie Drastik.

Meet Jamie Drastik. He's a rapper from upstate New York (didn't know those existed, but AWESOME!), and he's Pitbull's full-on protege. As in, Mr. Worldwide signed Jamie to his Mr. 305 label and has already given Drastik a hearty cosign (FYI, so has Fat Joe, Jadakiss, and Diddy). What's more, Pitbull has a guest spot on Drastik's latest track, "Chasing Shadows," along with Australian singer-dancer-DJ Havana Brown.

Listen to Jamie Drastik featuring Pitbull and Havana Brown's "Chasing Shadows" after the jump.

A sparkling, polished pop/hip-hop record (kinda like, ahem, most of Pitbull's jams), "Chasing Shadows" opens with Havana's booming vocals as she chants the song's hook: "You make me feel like I'm chasing a shadow/ 'Cause you always run/ Always run from me." Jamie's up next, acquainting us with his laid-back vibe: "But there's one thing I know/ It's that love is pain/ And even though I'm in a rush/ We make time to touch/ Can't slip, trip, or fall in love/ I'm an underdog but want all of the above." Uhh, underdog? Does Pitbull sign underdogs? WE THINK NOT.

+ Listen to Jamie Drastik featuring Pitbull and Havana Brown's "Chasing Shadows."

Photo credit: Mr. 305 Inc./ Famous Artist Music