Did Justin Bieber Get A Selena Gomez Tattoo? Because That'd Be NUTS (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber might have a Selena Gomez tattoo.

RIGHT: Blank canvas Justin Bieber on April 16, and LEFT: Justin's new tattoo on April 24.

If anyone's gone a little nutso over Justin Bieber's breakup with Selena Gomez, it's us. Obviously we want the best for Biebs and Selena, but just when we had finally reached the last step in the grieving process, last weekend we heard a little something about Selena flying to Oslo, Norway, to meet up with her ex on his "Believe" tour AND taking a (now deleted) romantic selfie. Obviously this has unraveled all of our Justin/Selena-breakup resolve, and has sent us into a crazy-eyed maelstrom of "ARE THEY OR AREN'T THEY?," WHY, GOD??," and "WHERE DID WE PUT THE MALLOMARS?" And we thought that was bad -- now we're reeling past the point of Mallomars with this picture of Justin rocking, wait for it... a Selena Gomez- looking tattoo on his wrist. Two tats below the owl, to be exact.

First off, we need to ask just what IS it these days with celebs tattooing faces of their significant others onto their bodies (I'm looking at you, Amber Rose)? What ever happened to name/initial tattoos? Second, you might be saying, "But it might not necessarily be Selena..." Maybe it's his sister, Jazmyn. Well, we're no art appraisers, but this ink stamp does have the same look and feel as Selena's July 2012 Elle photo, right down to the cleavage. Anyway, we feel like it's our job to say the obvious thing, which is that if ex sex is bad, then ex tattoos are almost certainly the absolute worst. But, hey, if Justin and Selena's (rumored) latest go-around doesn't work out, he could always say it's an angel. Or a take on Petunia from "The Adventures Of Pete & Pete." Or the Starbucks mermaid logo! See? Silver linings.

Photo credit: Getty/Twitter