Rebecca Black Covers Rihanna's 'Stay,' And It's Honestly Not Bad At All. No, Really!

Rebecca Black covers Rihanna's "Stay".

The "Friday" singer is back (after some singing lessons) to cover Rihanna's "Stay."

Rebecca Black is back with another video, and YES, "we, we, we so excited." But this time around, instead of releasing another original like her "Friday" follow-ups "Sing It" or "Person Of Interest," Rebecca is slowing things down to cover "Stay" by pop princess and professional bad gal Rihanna. And while most people might raise an eyebrow at this (the internet will NEVER forgive or forget "Friday"), we're here to say: EASE UP, haters. She's actually pretty good! And last, but not least: If Vin Diesel can cover "Stay," anyone has a fair shot. (No shade, Vin, we openly wept for your performance.)

Watch Rebecca Black cover Rihanna's "Stay" after the jump.

In the simple, sun-drenched clip, Rebecca Black is joined by fellow YouTube superstar Dave Days on acoustic guitar as she sweetly sings RiRi's heartbreaking song. And you know what? Girl definitely has some singing chops. And she SHOULD, too -- we hear Rebecca's been taking vocal lessons and used Rihanna's track for practice. (Maybe she was also thinking of Austin Mahone for inspiration?) Can we expect more great covers and -- GASP -- some decent pop songs on Rebecca's forthcoming debut album? We can't say for sure, BUT we're kinda sorta hoping for more calendar-themed tracks and cheesy "which seat should I take?" videos in between the serious stuff.

+ Watch Rebecca Black cover Rihanna's "Stay."

Photo credit: Rebecca Black