Rihanna Takes A Full-Fledged Crotch-Grab Selfie, But Are We Surprised? (PHOTO)

Rihanna takes a crotch-grab selfie in New York.

Rihanna grabbing her crotch? It must be Wednesday! 

Ask yourselves this, friends: Are you even the least bit shocked by the title of this post? Or the entire concept of Rihanna taking a crotch-grabbing selfie last night in NYC? Sure, if we swapped Rihanna's name with, say, Demi Lovato's, you might be like, WTF IS UP?! But Rihanna? The girl who owns these Prada boots? And who wore THIS fur headdress...with nothing else? Nope, it's just your run-of-the-mill "Crotch-Grab Rihanna Wednesday"!

It's not Ri's first time grabbing a handful of, well, herself, either. The "Stay" singer once did the ol' "self boob grab" at a show in Toronto last month, and you know what? More power to her! Don't even try to front -- if you looked like Rihanna, wouldn't you snap one or two or 70 sexy selfies and share them with the world? At least when Rihanna's (kind of) wrinkly at at age 90 (because Goddess pop stars don't wrinkle like the rest of us), she can scroll through her Instagram (if it still exists!) and say, DAYUM I WAS FOINE. Grab on, lady!

Photo credit @Rihanna