Song Premiere: Free Energy, 'Love Sign'

Listen to Free Energy's new B-side, "Love Sign."

Free Energy are sick of the bachelor life on their brand-new B-side, "Love Sign."

Bad Company once said that they were "Ready For Love," a sentiment Philadelphia indie-pop outfit Free Energy echo on their brand-new single, "Love Sign," the B-side to their 2013 album of the same name. With their large-hearted, jaunty, guitar-pop-packed singles (best heard on 2010's Stuck On Nothing and their follow-up Love Sign), Free Energy's an open book as far as indie bands go (why hide behind thick-rimmed glasses, beards, and knitted caps when you can sing about believing in a thing called love à la The Darkness?), so a steady flame shouldn't be too far behind.

Listen to Free Energy's "Love Sign" after the jump.

Kicking off with the band's signature guitar-pop jive, "Love Sign" is a freewheeling, shamelessly '80s-leaning cock rock plea for -- what else? -- REAL LUV. Overflowing with hands-in-the-air "whoa-oh-ohs" and thrusting guitar riffs, lead singer Paul Sprangers (who's having a very Weezer-meets-J. Geils-goes-Billy-Squier moment), exuberantly proclaims that he's tired of all those one-night stands and is ready for an IRL girlfriend: "How many girls, how many nights, will it take to feel all right? How many hearts will break tonight? How many eyes, how many lips will it take to find that kiss?" Well, we're no Dr. Phil, but like we were saying, cute long-haired boys + guitars usually = girlfriends. (Or is it "You + Me = Us"?)

Look out for Free Energy on tour starting next week, featuring several dates with The Darkness and The Black Lips.

+ Listen to Free Energy's "Love Sign."

Photo credit: Dominic Neitz