Video Premiere: Mac Miller, 'S.D.S.'

Mac Miller becomes a superhero in his latest clip for "S.D.S."

Mac Miller becomes a caped crusader in his new "S.D.S." video.

Is Mac Miller trading his "Most Dope Family" for "The Avengers"? Nah, that would never happen -- not when his family just got renewed for a second season on MTV2! We'd only suggest something like that because in his new video for the Flying Lotus-produced "S.D.S.," which stands for "Somebody Do Something," Mac learns that with great power comes great responsibility -- and some pretty rad perks. Like being able to fly with your adorable bulldog as your sidekick.

Watch Mac Miller's "S.D.S." video after the jump.

In the comic book-meets-martial-arts-themed video (which even features props from the original 1960s "Batman" TV series!), Mac Miller plays a scientist who gives himself incredible powers (but doesn't wear cutoff shorts like The Hulk) after a civilian brush with heroism finds him fending off a mugger attacking an innocent ol' granny. You know what they say: One minute you're homebrewing your own mad scientist superhero concoction, the next you're in Corey Feldman's karate fight club sex dungeon!

We won't spoil the ending for you, but we will say that we'll have an eye toward the sky, looking for Mac's bat signal (or whatever) the next time we're alone on a deserted side street in Gotham City. That, and is it just us, or does Corey Feldman do a mean Criss Angel impression?

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Photo credit: Rostrum Records