Watch Jason Derulo's 'The Other Side' Lyric Video

Watch the lyric video for Jason Derulo's "The Other Side."

Jason Derulo dances around his words in the lyric video for "The Other Side."

Jason Derulo's come a long way after fracturing his neck in early 2012, but now he's back and stronger than ever on his latest track, "The Other Side," a love song that may or may not be inspired by his relationship with Jordin Sparks. How do we know it's about Jordin? Well, Jason hasn't admitted as much, but we're just putting two and two together here! 1) We know they're dating and 2) they're in the studio working on Jason's upcoming album. Also, if you were laid up in a hospital bed and all you had was time, a pen, and paper (or a laptop), you'd probably start cranking out love songs, too... on top of singing your own name.

Watch Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" lyric video after the jump.

In the lyric video, Jason busts out some serious dance moves while his words about turning a friendship into a relationship zoom by. "And I know, we ain't friends anymore/ If we walk down this road/ We'll be lovers for 'sho/ So tonight kiss me like it's do or die/ And take me to the other side," he seductively sings. Truth be told, we don't know who would be crazy enough to keep Jason in the friend zone. Have you seen him perform "It Girl" live? Dude has got "Insanity"-worthy abs. You know that guy finished the full tape and didn't give up after, like, 5 minutes.

+ Watch Jason Derulo's "The Other Side" lyric video.

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