Star Spotting: Avril Lavigne Doesn't Have To Grow Up When There's Cotton Candy! (PHOTO)

Avril Lavigne enjoys a cotton candy feast.

An eternally young Avril Lavigne pounds some cotton candy!

Avril Lavigne wasn't kidding around with her new song, "Here's To Never Growing Up." Here's photographic evidence of her celebrating Peter Pan syndrome with a giant thing of cotton candy! Have you ever seen an "all-grown-up" adult look that free-spirited while eating a celery stick? NOPE. Part of us wants to scream: "Avril, do you even know how much sugar is in that stuff!?!" But then there's the other part that wants to eat only cotton candy for dinner because IT'S SO GOOD. We're gonna follow our heart (and stomach) and go for the latter. #YOLO

The "How You Remind Me" singer shared her cotton candy-themed photo on Twitter along with the caption, "Cotton Candy B****es!" While we're totally happy that Avril's relaxing with a sugary treat, we're mostly wondering where she got it?! It's not like they sell cotton candy at the grocery store. (Unless grocery stores stock it in Canada?! Over-the-counter cotton candy!?) So does this mean that Avril's at a circus or carnival? OR did she and her fiancé Chad Kroeger get a cotton candy maker as an early wedding gift (BEST WEDDING GIFT IDEA EVER, btw)!? Sigh... We already knew there were a gazillion perks to being a famous pop star -- we'll just have to add "eating cotton candy whenever you want" to the list.

Photo credit: @AvrilLavigne