The Backstreet Boys Got A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame! (PHOTO)

The Backstreet Boys got a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

The Backstreet Boys continue to be "Larger Than Life" with their new Hollywood Walk of Fame star!

In case you haven't heard, the Backstreet Boys are back (ALRIGHT!) and have just launched a 20-year reunion tour! (Which is not to be confused with "The Package Tour," mind you... so many boy bands, so little time.) And while we'd like to think that our two decade-long fangirling should be reward enough for BSB, the gents just got a more, well, professional honor: a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! Now, we're going to pause for a moment while you look up how much airfare is to Hollywood so you can fly out, find the boys' star, and take a selfie with it. #BeJealous

The "Unbreakable" singers were recently snapped celebrating their new Hollywood star before heading to China for the launch of their reunion tour. And as if this news isn't enough to get your heart racing, we'd like to remind you that the guys also have a new album on the way (listen to track teasers!), an upcoming documentary, AND an upcoming Backstreet Boy-themed cruise on DECK (LOL) for fall 2013. So, to reiterate: After 20 years, BSB are still more successful than ever. The only thing that's changed is that they aren't so much boys anymore -- they're more like Backstreet men... "all-grown-up-but-still-DAYUM-hot" MEN.

Photo credit: Getty Images